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Texas Pepper Jelly

Rib Candy Black Cherry Grape Habanero

Rib Candy Black Cherry Grape Habanero

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**Black Cherry Grape Habanero Rib Candy™** offers a deep and rich flavor experience by blending the tartness of black cherries with the sweetness of grapes, all elevated with a hint of habanero heat. Although perfect for enhancing ribs, this versatile sauce can be used on a variety of dishes.

**Flavor Profile:**
- **Black Cherry & Grape**: A balanced blend of tart and sweet, offering a unique twist to your meal.
- **Habanero**: Adds a subtle kick of heat to enhance the overall flavor.

**How to Use Black Cherry Grape Habanero Rib Candy™:**
1. **Ribs**: Combine with Craig’s Rib Seasoning for a layered, distinctive taste on your ribs.
2. **Versatile Application**: Beyond ribs, use this Rib Candy™ on pork, poultry, and even desserts for an unexpected burst of flavor.

**Is Every Rib Candy™ Packed with Habaneros?**
- No, not all Rib Candy™ products contain habaneros.
- For those who prefer milder tastes, there are sweet Rib Candy™ options without any hot peppers.

Whether you prefer the sweet option or the habanero version, Black Cherry Grape Habanero Rib Candy™ brings a delightful, multidimensional flavor to your culinary creations. Enjoy it on ribs and beyond!
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