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Fowl Forms

Fowl Form

Fowl Form

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Introducing the Fowl Form, your ultimate companion for elevating chicken presentations to competition-worthy standards or enhancing backyard BBQ gatherings! Crafted meticulously from premium stainless steel, this innovative tool is designed to shape chicken thighs effortlessly, ensuring a flawless and professional finish every time.

The Fowl Form simplifies the art of chicken preparation. With its grid layout featuring eight compartments per form, it allows you to neatly place chicken thighs, ensuring uniformity and optimal cooking. This means perfectly shaped, succulent thighs that not only look incredible but also cook evenly for a mouthwatering result.

Here’s how it works: simply place the Fowl Form in your cooking pan, position the seasoned chicken thighs snugly into each compartment, and add butter pats along the exterior of grid. As the chicken cooks, the butter naturally bastes the meat, infusing it with rich, flavorful moisture for an irresistible taste.

Whether you're a seasoned competition chef striving for impeccable presentation or a backyard BBQ enthusiast aiming to impress guests with beautifully shaped and delicious chicken thighs, the Fowl Form is your go-to tool.

**1 Fowl Form accommodates 8 chicken thighs

***Please note, Fowl Forms arrive from fabricator with residual burn markings due to the laser cutting process.  Smoke Ring BBQ Supply recommends washing thoroughly and polishing with steel wool prior to use. 

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