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Butcher BBQ

Meat Marinade Pistol Injector

Meat Marinade Pistol Injector

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Transform your grilling experience with the Butcher BBQ Meat Marinade Injector. This expertly crafted culinary tool features a 50cc pistol grip syringe with a sturdy metal handle, making it effortless to use and clean. Say farewell to unseasoned meats and enjoy perfectly marinated bites. Our complete package also includes a replacement gasket and convenient cleaning brush. With two different needles for different meat types and unbeatable durability, this injector is a game changer. Whether you're a backyard chef, caterer, or competition cook, take your grilling to the next level with the Butcher BBQ Meat Marinade Injector.

  • 50cc injection barrel
  • All metal handle
  • Easy to select injection amount
  • Comes with cleaning brush and spare gaskets
  • 2 needles - side port hole and bottom port hole
  • Full set of instructions on box
  • The replacement gasket also comes with a spare "v" shaped spring


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