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Manchester Barbecue Pellets Blend, 20lb bag

Manchester Barbecue Pellets Blend, 20lb bag

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For Use in All Pellet Grills & Smokers: Manchester Barbecue Pellets are made using the highest-quality raw materials and a new manufacturing process that locks in more flavor than the rest. Our pellets work in ALL pellet grills and smokers.

The Best Wood: Our barbecue wood pellets are produced ONLY from 100% Hardwood blend of HickoryOakMaple, and Cherry Wood -  a 20lb bag of the finest hardwood pellets money can buy.

No Artificial Flavors: Our grill pellets are made of pure and fresh green wood chips, carefully roasted and pelletized to preserve all the aromas and unique flavors of hickory, cherry, maple and oak. 

Award-Winning Flavor:  Approved by local pit masters, our competition wood pellets for smokers will deliver superior smoke flavor with each cook. Great for smoking meat, fish, vegetables, breads, drinks and even desserts!

Made in Connecticut: Our awesome cooking pellets are manufactured in Manchester, Connecticut by Manchester Wood Pellets LLC. 

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