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Blue Hive

Blue Hive Honey Organic Elderberry Syrup 15oz

Blue Hive Honey Organic Elderberry Syrup 15oz

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Did you know that elderberries have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries? Elderberries contain potent flavonoids that give the immune system a boost. 

Blue Hives Honey’s all natural elderberry syrup is a high concentration of immune boosting ingredients. Each ingredient is intentionally added for the purpose of improving the immune system. From the organic elderberries, the raw honey from our very own beehives, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, and organic ginger. All offering the immune boost you’re looking for.

It’s true, not all elderberry products are equal. For instance, many commercial elderberry products are laced with thickeners, preservatives, and more. Many elderberry gummies don’t contain enough of the all important flavonoids from the elderberries. 

For a maintenance dose Blue Hive Honey recommends one tablespoon for adults or one teaspoon for children (over one year old) daily. During an illness, we recommend taking a dose three times daily.

Always consult your medical provider. Blue Hive Honey does not offer medical advice.

*Not recommended for anyone under the age of one year old, because it does contain honey.

**Requires refrigeration
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