12" 4-Sided Diamond Sharpening Rod

12" 4-Sided Diamond Sharpening Rod

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The Messermeister 4-Sided Diamond Sharpening Rod offers a versatile solution for multi-stage sharpening of knives, scissors, and other cutting tools. This 12" rod features wide flat surfaces with varying grits, ranging from coarse 200 grit to fine 1000 grit, allowing you to maintain and sharpen a variety of blades. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, while the hang ring adds convenience for storage. To keep the rod in good condition, hand wash it with soap and water.

Note: This device might leave scratches on the side of the knife blade.

  • 200, 400, 600 & 1000 Grit diamond abrasive
  • 4-Stage sharpening: Shape, Restore, Maintain and Polish
  • Comfortable soft-touch handle with hang ring
  • Non-marking tip protects surfaces
  • The Knife for Life™ guarantee provides a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
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